"Therapy can help people of all ages transition from a place of discouragement to one of contentment and engagement in life.”

Individual Psychotherapy for Adults


I see adult individuals for a variety of needs.  Some examples include:




Destructive Behavior 

Emotionally Overwhelmed

Feeling Stuck 

Relationship Stress 

Group and Community Alienation

Religious Trauma

Job Stress


Grief and Loss

Life Transitions



Couples Therapy


I provide Couples Therapy for adults and all orientations are welcome. I am trained in Imago Relationship Therapy and use this highly effective form of therapy in my couples’ sessions.


Imago Relationship Therapy


While the couple’s session adjusts to the needs of the couple, I have been trained in and practice Imago Relationship Therapy with my clients. I believe in Imago Relationship Therapy because I’ve seen it work. It does not only apply to couples, but in all relationships. I’ve watched partners reconnect and heal. I’ve seen parents and children repair and I use it in my own life.


Imago Relationship Therapy provides a structure to the counseling session that is guided by the therapist and allows the couple to communicate on a deeper level. It is a framework based in dialogue that creates a practical means of connecting with your partner in a safe environment. Imago facilitates a compassionate conversation that nourishes the relationship in place of scrutinizing it.


This process helps you move from blame and reactivity to understanding and empathy. With these tools, you can transform conflicts into opportunities for healing and growth, and connect more deeply and lovingly with your intimate partner.


Find out more about Imago at imagorelationships.org.



Group Therapy


I provide mixed gender, interpersonal, general process group therapy. My groups are ongoing groups, meaning new members join a preexisting group and stay in the group until they decide that they have achieved their therapeutic goals. These groups may focus on past experience and outside relationships, but give particular importance to the here-and-now interactions between the group members.


Why Group Therapy?


Group Therapy is a direct and powerful way to work on relationships. It uncovers relationship patterns and sheds light on feelings and experiences you have regarding both past and present relationships. Participating in a group can impact therapeutic success exponentially as you experience real-time feedback from other group members under the safety and supervision of a therapist. Some benefits include understanding how and why you react to others, learning to communicate effectively, discovering a way to express your feelings rather than acting them out and a better understanding of how you are perceived. Ultimately group dynamics help build healthy, genuine and supportive relationships while providing a more authentic, full and loving sense of self.