"Everyone deserves a space to untangle their situation and feelings, while working out a way to live that is more manageable."


I believe people are hard-wired for connection through our relationships, be it a partner in life, social circles, co-workers, or more often than not, a connection with ourselves. With my experience, I have witnessed how people have a capacity for change. I have found that an effective way to get results in managing life is by learning to trust yourself and others while developing a way to navigate through relationships.


Each client enters therapy with different goals. People often have a desire to find their way back to, or discover for the first time, the person they want to be and the person who has somehow gotten lost through the difficulties of life. Sometimes clients come in with a specific task in mind while others can’t quite make sense of what is troubling them. Anxiety, depression, and a lack of connection with people often weigh heavily on my clients, and they are reaching out for some sort of relief.  Other times people just want to maintain a healthy life balance and use therapy as a tool for manifesting those intentions.


It can be difficult to ask for help. Sometimes you’re not sure if your situation necessarily qualifies for therapy. I believe it is okay to need support, to be vulnerable, or just want some time to reflect on what is going on for you. My role is to help my clients find this authentic place which ultimately leads to more comfort and peace. I consider it a privilege to have a client enter the office and be vulnerable enough to reach out for help.